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How Rental Companies and Rock Bands Benefit From HF Enabled Sensors[edit]

Nathan runs a firm that rents high end amplifiers and sound equipment to musicians, performers and rock bands. While many of his clients hire experienced electricians, others cobble together the equipment and cabling - which could cause medical data entry to overheat. The less experienced renters may not be aware of voltage drops and cable run limits across stage floors. Reduced voltage at the remote end creates high internal equipment temperatures and combined with increased ambient temperatures from stage lights, and cables overheating - stage equipment can be damaged or have its lifetime reduced. Sensitive electronic components wear out faster than Nathan expected, meaning increased maintenance and replacement costs - all costs that are passed on to his clients.

Even with careful contract language, how can Nathan monitor and verify operating temperatures to protect his investment or charge when he knows the equipment has been over-heated?

HF RFID Enabled Sensing Melexis has created the MLX 90129 sensor IC that can be matched with multiple sensor inputs and read with a 13.56MHz Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) reader from Proxima RF. Using the MLX 90129, a simple, cost effective temperature data-logger could be attached to rental equipment to verified operating temperatures with a handheld reader on rental return. The read/write sensor IC has an internal temperature sensor and three additional inputs for sensing or monitoring. By combining resistive sensing with passive high frequency (HF) RFID, Melexis opens the door to new sensing applications that previously were difficult to achieve. As a bonus, the HF RFID can use unique product identifiers for inventory and rental control plus can be password protected for added security. What Can Be Sensed?

The Melexis sensor IC can be used for more than just temperature sensing. Combined with virtually any resistive sensor on up to three sensors or monitoring ports, the sensor IC can provide data through proximity RFID for monitoring applications that include:

- Strain or force sensors to measure small movement, stretching, weight - Pressure sensors (air, liquid pressure, vacuum) - Flow (liquid or gas) - Temperature, humidity - Electrical voltage, resistance and current - Tampering, tilting, breaking a seal - Proximity of nearby objects or linear position - Shock, rotational speed, angular position, and light - Run time, duty cycles, on/off

Battery-Less Sensing or Data logging?

The combined Melexis 90129 sensor IC and sensors can be encased in a number of different form factors; from tiny, inexpensive plastic housings to water-proof and high temperature enclosures. The complete sensor can be embedded in equipment or new construction to create an "in situ" battery-less sensing product for taking data at a particular point in time. The low power sensor IC with passive 13.56MHz interface draws power from the HF reader designed by Proxima RF - this energy harvesting means designers can embed sensors in products and equipment where water and liquid are a problem for ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID.

By adding a battery, the sensor becomes a data logger - taking data points on a time schedule matched to application needs. Why High Frequency for Sensors? HF is a "proximity" read technology that has a short read range. Shorter read ranges are useful where personal, human intervention is preferred or is already part of the standard operating procedure such as in healthcare, high security applications or with mission critical or sensitive devices. Personal interaction allows human verification of the read and the environment, to add redundancy in the system. The short read range ensures 100% reads without interference or need for anti-collision software as is necessary with longer read active UHF technology used in real time locating and inventory systems. High frequency 13.56MHz RFID has superior performance characteristics in and around liquids making it a logical choice for use with sensor systems used to monitor foodstuffs, beverages and liquid products either in process control, manufacture, transport or storage.

The proximity read nature of passive 13.56MHz RFID results in less ambient emissions - a benefit in healthcare applications or anywhere emissions could create a concern with sensitive electronic equipment. The recent HIBCC ANSI 4.0 standard specifically recommends use of HF in healthcare to reduce concerns that active UHF may interfere with sensitive equipment. HF Readers - Desktop or Mobile

The MLX 90129 based sensors can be read with the off-the-shelf Proxima RF USB Desktop Reader or the AV-X mobile reader. The FCC/CE USB Desktop Reader has an internal antenna so no extra parts are needed. The small polycarbonate box pulls power from the USB connection and includes a LED for visual read confirmation.

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Choosing The Best Fax To Email Provider[edit]

Finding an efficient fax to email service would make a big difference to the running of any business. Old fashioned facsimile machines are no longer good value, they also contribute to the problems of office send and receive fax online and waste. Before you rush into signing a contract with a service provider, it would be useful to take a moment to understand the ways in which the service can differ.

Communication is essential to the smooth running of any business. Knowing how to choose the best fax to email provider can make a huge difference to customer service and in-house team work. With a regular facsimile machine many problems would often arise, such as lost documents and paper jams, these can now be confined to history thanks to the latest digital technology.

Costs and expenses are important considerations for every business. When comparing service providers, it is important to be clear on how much they would cost. There are some that charge by the minute, whereas others do so by page, you need to work out which would be the cheapest option. A single document usually only takes a few seconds to send, this needs to be taken into consideration when deciding which plan to sign up for.

There are new players entering this market on a constant basis. Though there is always the possibility of a new company offering a great service, it is usually preferable to join with a firm that is experienced in the industry. You would not want to find out only after signing a contract that there are frequent interruptions and problems with the service, this could be disastrous for your company's status and prestige.

Scalability is another important factor. All businesses should aim to grow and expand, for this reason it can be important to find a service provider who can quickly increase your communication tools as and when is necessary. In a similar vein, it is important to find a fax to email provider who regularly performs maintenance to help address any problems that have arisen.

To help in deciding which option would best match your requirements, it can be important finding a company that offers a free trial of their service. A one week trial should allow you to understand the various benefits and pitfalls of a particular system. Never sign up for an extensive long term contract without first of all being sure that it is the best possible option.

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