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The squad would like to thank their kit sponsor for the year, Brian Fitzsimons from Abco Kovex. The Adult Football League season also started this weekend. Our Division 11 team beat Man O War and our Division 6 team were beaten by Bank of Ireland. The island 100 miles south of Weymouth but only 12 miles from the French coast has never been a colony nor is it classed an Overseas Territory, such as Gibraltar. Its archaic status is that of a Crown Dependency. The islanders have no representatives in the UK Parliament, pay no British taxes except for a "voluntary" contribution towards defence and diplomatic costs, and are not subject to English law..

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The second set is for the short lived Ottawa Nationals. From the web page city of Ottawa was never one of the WHA first choices. But shortly after the league announced its intentions to begin play in the fall of 1972, its plans of having a team in Toronto fell through when a suitable deal couldn be reached with Harold Ballard, owner of the NHL Maple Leafs as well as their building, Maple Leaf Gardens.

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