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Opennet - Frieda23
168px-opennet logo.png
Status active
Country Germany
State or District Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
City Rostock
Date of founding 2007/08/01
Last Updated 2009-12-30
Website http://www.opennet-initiative.de/
Wiki http://wiki.opennet-initiative.de/index.php/Frieda23
IRC http://wiki.opennet-initiative.de/index.php/OpenIRCNet
E-mail frieda23@opennet-initiative.de
Snail mail

Friedrichstr. 23
MV-18057 Rostock

Number of members 20 (active), 140 (sum)
Membership fee EUR 5 EUR per month (Opennet Initiative e.V.)
Size of rooms 15 qm
Location 54.0912145° N, 12.1229302° E

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Opennet - Frieda23Https://www.opennet-initiative.de/Friedrichstr. 2318057RostockGermany2007/08/01Opennet - Frieda23